Types of Editing

The Harping Editor Types of Editing Available and Fee Structure

Contact me to discuss how we can work together to improve your project. Below is a brief explanation of the main types of editing.

Basic Proofreading
Reviewing for typos, spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization and layout.

Copyediting with Comments
Includes basic proofreading, plus editing for consistency, dialogue, word choice, verb tense, sentence structure, clarity and overall flow. All changes are marked for you to review and accept or delete.

If your text needs rewriting and reworking, this option will address sentence construction, organization and overall flow. A per-page amount can be estimated when project is reviewed, and will depend on the extent of the rewriting needed.

Complimentary Sample Edit
I offer a sample edit for first-time clients, the amount of which depends on the length of the document or manuscript.