Luckily My Eyes Could Be Fixed

As a child, I devoured the fiction section in our small suburban library, just a short bike ride from my home. A night owl by nature, I’d read in bed into the wee hours, lit only by the dim hallway light. This eyestrain added to my already considerable nearsightedness (which, thankfully, has since been remedied). Books were my lifeline, and once the local wellspring of fictional adventure was tapped, I trekked over large hills to neighboring libraries for new books.

By reading hundreds of books before reaching high school, I developed a large vocabulary and an understanding of how good writing is structured, as well as the nuance of word meaning and choice. This learning by osmosis proved so effective that while attending my college-prep high school (which will remain unnamed to protect the innocent), I was accused of plagiarism twice due to my mature writing voice and vocabulary.

As a singer and harpist, I also love the language of music. My musical ear gives me the ability to “hear” what’s not working in written communications, and my writing skill gives me the ability to correct it.

I have written and edited for UC San Diego Publications, Rady School of Business at UC San Diego, Sharp HealthCare, The San Diego Foundation, MSNBC, Microsoft, PETCO, and many other companies and individuals.

And I have edited web content, business plans, marketing collateral, books (nonfiction, fiction, young adult, sci-fi, self-help, spiritual, poetry, travel, business, science textbook), software documentation, help pages, PhD dissertations, masters theses and capstone project papers, course content, white papers, annual reports, business journals, magazine articles, newsletters, screenplays, and television-pilot scripts.

I have a bachelor’s degree in philosophy with minors in psychology and earth sciences from UC San Diego, as well as a paralegal certificate from UC San Diego Extension, and I served on the board of the San Diego Professional Editors Network for four years. I’m based in San Diego, California, and work with US and international clients.

I look forward to working with you to further your communication goals.
– Beth Bolwerk, Principal Editor

Recent Kudos

“You have done a masterful job of smoking out my lapses and lacunae.”
Dixon Long, Author

“Thanks again… your input really improved the quality of the final product.”
– Dee Sweeney, Director, Clinical Musician Certification Program

“I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful job you did… Your attention to details (like text spacing and margins) enabled me to provide a consistent look for all of our documents. Your suggestions for other changes were excellent and I ended up accepting virtually all of them… We have an outstanding set of documents and the credit for the final polish goes to you.”
– Alice Freeman, Board Member, National Standards Board for Therapeutic Music