You’re Talented

You’re the idea person; your job is to run your business and serve your clients and readers by developing and delivering the best books, services, or products – and you’re good at it. When you can focus on that, you make money.

But No Matter How Talented You Are…

You must be able to communicate your message powerfully and professionally to your clients and customers. If your content has mistakes, typos, or sloppy formatting, or the writing is dry or unclear, you’re not going to make the sale or get five stars on that Amazon review.

That’s Where a Professional Editor Comes In

Whether it’s your fiction or nonfiction book, ebook, or blog, or you’re writing marketing collateral, white papers, or webpages, I’ll edit, clarify, and polish your content till it shines, so you can focus on what you do best.

I do all the work and you get all the credit, without lifting a red pen or sweating a semicolon.

Do you have a book or project that needs to be exceptional? Contact me for a free consultation, and I’ll give you some suggestions for making your content more powerful, professional, and profitable.

For an example of what I can do for you, click here.

PS: Why “The Harping Editor?” Because I’m a singer and harpist as well as a writer and editor. See About to find out why you should hire a musical editor.